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Objections to Receiving Christ and How to Respond to Them

The Most Common Objections to Receiving Christ and How to Respond to Them

Objection 1: The time isn't right for me now
Response: Now is the accepted time - Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. 2 Corinthians 6:2 (NLT)

Objection 2: I'm OK. I'm not that bad. I live a good life
Response: You may be good compared to other people but how good are you compared to God? God demands His standard of 
holiness, nothing less. 1 Peter 1:16; Matthew 5:48

Objection 3: There are hypocrites in the church
Response: Think about it... If hypocrites are standing between you and God it means they are closer to God than you. John 1:43; 
Luke 5:27; Ephesians 5:1

Objection 4: All Pastors are crooks
Response: All God's servants have to answer to Him for the life they lived and how they treated the people of God. 
Jeremiah 23:1-4

There are crooked people in other professions that does not hinder you. 
For instance, there are crooked Doctors, does that mean if you become sick or injured you will choose to die rather than go to the 

Objection 5: I'll have to give up things I don't want to
There are two responses:
Response #1: Do these things give you any real lasting peace, joy and satisfaction? 
Mark 8:36; Psalms 16:11 Now think about what Jesus gave up for you:
 A Medical Perspective of the Crucifixion
Response #2:
When you become born again Jesus changes your inner desire and you no longer want to sin.
Part of the regeneration is receiving a new nature from God so that your deepest desire is now to please God and do the right thing.

As a New Christian the more you allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with His presence and power the more you want to please God 
and the greater is your power to resist sin.

Objection 6: There is no judgement after death (I believe in reincarnation, etc.)
Response: Are you sure? Do you really want to take that chance? If I'm wrong about the Bible I've lost nothing but if you're wrong 
you've lost everything! Hebrews 9:27; Revelation 20:11-15

Objection 7: I don't believe in God (I'm an Atheist, Agnostic, etc.)
Response: Scientists have discovered that DNA is programmed code containing information, meaning it had to originate with an 
intelligent mind.

Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed so the energy source that created the universe must be eternal in nature.

Life can only come from life. It takes a living source to create life. All these scientific facts point to the existence of a Creator God. 
Psalms 14:1

Objection 8: I already have a religion
Response: Religion is man's search for God and when he couldn't find God he made the search the destination. All religions are 
man-made and doomed to fail. Romans. 3:23

Objection 9: What about those who never heard the gospel?
Response: The purpose of the gospel is to lead men to God the father. Jesus came not to glorify Himself but to glorify the Father. 
He said I am the WAY. He never said He was the destination. God the Father is the destination. 
God the Father is revealed to every human being on the earth through creation and everyone who has NEVER heard the gospel 
will be judged by how they respond to God's personal revelation of Himself to them through His creation. Psalm 19:1-4 (NIV)
No one has an excuse! Everyone will face the judgment of God. Romans 1:18-22; 

Objection 10: I don't believe in the Bible or The Bible has Errors, etc.
Response: There is overwhelming proof the bible is in fact the inspired word of God without any doctrinal error.

The Bible is Scientifically Accurate - 
Even though the bible is not a science book it has recorded accurate scientific facts many years before science has had a 
chance to discover them. Here are a few below:
Scientific Fact
 Bible Said It
Science Discovered It

The Earth is Round (Isaiah 40:22)

The Sun has an Orbit in the Milky Way (Psalms 19:4-6)

There's an Infinite Number of Stars (Jeremiah 33:22)

Air has Weight (Job 28:25)

There's a Place Void of Stars in the North (Job 26:7)

Over 2,000 years ago

  "         "           "

  "         "           "

  "         "           "

  "         "           "


Only 600 years ago

 "     300 years ago
 "     75 years ago
 "     500 years ago
 "     200 years ago
The Bible is Historically Accurate - 
In all of human history no archaeological discovery has ever refuted the truth of the Bible. On the contrary 
archaeological discoveries have supported the biblical accounts over and over.

The Bible is Prophetically Accurate -
There are about 300 prophecies concerning the promised Messiah which are fulfilled in Jesus' life and ministry.

The mathematical probability of just 8 of these prophecies being fulfilled in Jesus' life is virtually impossible if He were 
NOT the Messiah. Jesus fulfilled all 300.

The Bible has Amazing Textual Unity and Continuity -
There are stories in the Old Testament that are revealed no where else but in the New Testament.
From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reads as one book. And there is incredible unity to the Bible. 

The Bible is one book and yet it is made up of 66 books, written by at least 40 different authors over a period of about 
1600 years, in 13 countries on three continents. It was written in 3 different languages by people of all walks of life

The Bible tells one story from beginning to end and does not contradict itself morally, theologically, ethically, 
doctrinally, scientifically, historically or in any other way. 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21

Suggested In-Class Exercise: Have your students divide into pairs and practice using these responses to 
objections with each other to become more familiar with the scriptures and comfortable with the process
Suggested At-Home Exercise: Have each of your students memorize the bible verses and practice responding 
to these objections with a trusted Christian friend or family member
Introduction  :::  7 Keys to Success  :::  Conclusion